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Residential Movers

We move home belonging from point A to point B with care and professionalism

Commerical Movers

We help residential and commercial units move their items. We protect items (furniture) using proper wraps during moves and also dismantling and assembling.

Waste Disposal Services

We help you clear away waste with no hassle on your side

Carton Boxes

We provide carton boxes for people and businesses to pack their items properly and safely.

Movers Singapore


As professional movers in Singapore, we know the importance of preparation and flexibility when it comes to relocation projects. There will be instances when you just don’t have the entire day to relocate to a new home or office. It might also be that you have accumulated too many items over the years and it will take a couple of days to a week before you complete your move.

For our commercial clients, we understand how complicated and time-consuming it is to move an entire business to a new office. Storage services is really a must in these situations.


Here at  EH movers, we don’t want any of our clients to be caught in the middle when difficulties arise, that’s why we are here to cover all your moving needs as well as short-term and long-term storage needs. With our competent team, you do not need to worry about losing your valuables or finding them in a damaged condition.

We have put in place a system that will keep all your things organized and safe within our facility. You can also be assured that ours is a network of equipped pros who will never risk the security of your fragile equipment, office furniture, and documents.

With our several years of experience in providing moving services to residential and commercial clients, we know all your needs and we provide no less than those and even more. We are confident that what we offer is efficiency, safety of your belongings, and value for your money.

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10 Things To Consider When Moving During Summer

Summers feels great! But when it comes to making a move, it seems to be the ugliest and hectic season. If we consider cruel hot winds, sweaty temperatures and unbearable heat of the sun, none is that sane to relocate during extreme summer. But let’s...

4 Long Distance Moving Tips You Should Always Remember

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Why Do I Need to Hire Movers? Can I Not Do it Alone or with Friends?

When you are starting a new life, whether alone or with your own family, in a new place to call your own, you should start right. This is hard to do when you are not familiar with the nitty gritty details of home moving. Relocation involves a rigorous process, more detailed and elaborate than you can ever imagine.

Just think of all these things you need to handle:

  • The sheer number of items you need to move
  • The welfare of your spouse and children as you transfer to the new house
  • The change of address notifications you need to make.
  • The weather and traffic conditions on the day of the move.

What you should do is to seek the help of a reliable moving company that will handle all these things we just mentioned.

As for commercial moving, aside from the ordeal of loading and unloading as well as the actual transport to your new office location, you have to really think of an effective packing solution that will ensure the safety of your office equipment and the complete transportation of all these items, without leaving anything in the old office. Just imagine the hassle it will give you if you leave a computer or a file cabinet in your previous office.

You need to ensure that these moving boxes will stay intact during transit. Again, this issue is connected to effective packing. Our Singapore movers know which items should go in which box and which of them should go together. We have the right packing tools, loading and unloading devices, and advanced relocation gadgets that will guarantee the intact state of all your moving boxes and their contents as we move them from point A to point B.

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