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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Carton Boxes for Your House Move

Moving home can be defined as both exciting and panicky task. Exciting, because, finally you are going to live at a new place with new energy and new people around. Panicky, because, there are so many things you need to do, before making a move. And, packing is the most important and threatening one.

Packing itself involves so many things, such as the proper arrangement of your belongings, collecting the right carton boxes that one must select for getting all of the belongings packed, etc. No matter whether you are planning to move interstate, overseas or just a few miles away, it is important to get your things packed in a proper manner.

So, making that selection for the best kind of cartons is necessary. Here are five major points which should keep in mind when choosing the best carton boxes:

Box Size

First and foremost, the thing to look upon while making a selection for perfect carton box is its size. The selection must be based on the things that you are going to carry along, such as a refrigerator needs a big box with the size that it can fit into. There are four different sizes that a person can look for such as:


This kind of box measures 16″*10″*10″ and can be used for packing small appliances, CD’s, etc.


With the size measuring 18″*14″*12″, this kind of boxes can be used for carrying decorative items, DVDs, etc.


It measures 20″*20″*15″ and can be used for holding quite large-sized items such as kitchen appliances, drapes, smaller pillows, etc.


With the size of 23″*23″*16″, this kind of boxes can be used to move with things like larger pillows, comforters, etc.


Specialized boxes

There are times when everything doesn’t get fitted into the normal size boxes. It asks for specialized carton box. Different kinds of boxes that one can look up for in here are wardrobe box, piano box, TV box, lamp box, etc. This makes it easy for people to get any their belonging packed and carry along.



Another important thing that matters while selecting a carton box is to know that whether the box you are going for is durable or not. It is mandatory for a moving box to have that good amount of strength to get your belongings carried safely from one place to another. So, before making a purchase it is recommended to check the weight, a box can carry.

Easy to carry

Now, while looking at many other points it is also necessary for a box to be easily manageable. So, while making a selection, it must be check if the box has a handle or cut out place. It should make it easy for you or other people to carry while loading or unloading them.

Don’t forget the inserts

Insert boxes are another necessary part while making a selection of the perfect carton boxes. It would make it easy for you to carry those sensitive appliances like plates or crockery safely. Ask the professional movers to help avoid damaging your items while making a house move.

Happy and safe moving!

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