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Don’t ever think that a carton box is just another small stuff in your move that you don’t need to pay careful attention to. In fact, your whole relocation project will be at risk if you don’t make the right decision on this one.

The reasons? Well, the nitty-gritty details will be discussed later on. But for a start, we know that your choice of carton boxes and your manner of securing them are make or break decisions in the whole process of moving, so we at EHmovers designed a dedicated service for this. We specifically trained each one of our movers on the step-by-step procedure from picking the perfect carton boxes for specific items to packing them, so they would be strong enough for your belongings.

If you have ever moved to a new place, you surely know about the chaos that comes with it. All of sudden, the things you need are missing and all the useless stuff seems to be all over the place. You have no idea which item goes where and you’re slowly losing your mind on how to go about with your relocation plans. Don’t worry because one of the many solutions you can entertain is the simplest yet – use carton boxes! That’s right folks, it’s as easy as that.

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Carton Boxes Tips

Get as much as you can

We all know that when a person or a family moves out of their old home, there’s a ton of stuff that need to be relocated as well. In that case, it’s only logical to get as many carton boxes as you can. With this kind of work, it’s always the best idea to have more carton boxes than you’ll actually need. That’s because there are different kinds of items in a normal household and packing them all together in a limited amount of boxes is not good at all. Do yourself a favour folks and obtain a lot of carton boxes before the moving day itself or ask the skilled pros from EHMovers to get them for you.

Packing Tape is your best friend

If you’re wondering how you’re going to close up all those boxes, we’ve got the answer – packing tape. Now, we’re not talking about the basic kind where anyone could cut through it. We’re talking about high-quality packing tape that will take a lot of effort to be destroyed. With this kind of tape wrapping your boxes, you can be sure your belongings won’t be messed around by anyone you do not know.

Use bubble wrap and Styrofoam to secure your stuff

Along with packing tape, you can use bubble wrap and lots of Styrofoam when you place your belongings inside carton boxes. These two items are designed to prevent shock and unwanted movement inside these boxes, and prevent any damage from being done to your stuff. Just like our earlier suggestion, it’s also great if you can get a lot of bubble wrap and Styrofoam too so you won’t lack them when the time comes.

Place a pack of Silica gel

In some instances, moving takes multiple days due to the distance that needs to be covered. During that long amount of time, moisture will easily escape from your items packed inside carton boxes. Once moisture is gone, mold may grow and damage your stuff. If you don’t want that to happen, better get a couple of packs of Silica gel and place them inside all your carton boxes. These packs will provide much-needed moisture inside closed spaces. In this way, you need not fear mold anymore when you’re relocating.

Prevent pests by using insect repellents

Just like mold, pests present a huge problem when packing all your stuff into carton boxes for relocation purposes. These pesky pests create holes in these boxes while you’re busy moving. Once inside, they can destroy your belongings, or even multiply. Here’s a list of some of the common pests you might encounter when you pack. If you don’t want that to happen, better place repellents inside these boxes to deter them from your stuff. Just make sure these pesticides are safe for your family and your things, and you’re good to go.

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