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Disasters you may Encounter if you Fail to Hire Piano Moving Pros

Now that all kinds of information we need are right under our fingertips, we assume so easily that anything can be done on our own. We cannot be blamed. Not only are information easily accessible these days, but even professional tools, raw materials, and virtually all legal things can be bought with just a click of the finger.

You can contact sellers from the farthest ends of the world to ship items you need to your own country. This setup is actually a double-edged sword. It has loads of advantages but it has disadvantages too.

One of which  is assuming that you don’t need to hire professional piano movers to relocate your precious musical instrument, believing that you can buy the tools needed to move your piano and research the methods and steps on how to do so. It’s even more dangerous if that piano has been in existence before you were even born. Antique grand pianos require the help of skilled and experienced piano movers to relocate them safely.

Don’t make the mistake of simply buying piano moving equipment from a handyman store and doing the relocation on your own. That’s the worst that you can do to yourself and to the memory of your ancestors who have taken care of this musical instrument for decades. Here are the disasters you will potentially face if you keep insisting you can do piano relocation on your own.


Piano lid may fall off

Let’s start with something simple. Grand pianos have a starting price of around £9,500 or SGD17,588. Prices of better and even older versions may cost even double or triple this starting price. Just imagine how much you will pay to get a lid that fell off repaired.

If you try to do piano moving on your own or you hire regular home movers who know little about piano moving, you’re risking the possibility of getting damaged or displaced piano lid. Remember that this part of your piano is attached to the shelf only on one side. It moves and shakes easily.

If you are not experienced in moving a very heavy equipment such as this, you may lose control while carrying it to the truck. The next possibility is to overstretch the lid, causing it to fall off. There are hard to find piano moving tools that are specifically designed to prevent this scenario from happening. Only reliable piano movers know how to use the right tools to protect your piano lid.


Wooden parts may get scratched

Antique wooden grand pianos and even those more than ten years of age are susceptible of getting scratched easily. Furniture pads are not enough to protect the sensitive surface of wooden pianos. There are piano moving pads specifically designed with the right thickness of cushion to prevent any scratches on the piano. Without them, expect stripes and ugly marks on your piano.


Fragile pedals may get damaged

Most piano pedals are made of steel while the older ones, of brass. These pedals are adjusted to control the tone and sound of your dear musical instrument. Without proper handling of piano during the move, these pedals may be stepped into with extreme force. They may also bump into a the wall, door, or moving truck. Both scenarios will be disastrous to your most kept, expensive, and precious instrument.


Piano may be exposed to harsh environments

The wooden parts of a piano contract or expand, depending on the humidity and temperature in a specific environment. In fact, pianos should be placed in an open space of the house that’s not exposed to too much sunlight and not prone to humid conditions in order to avoid changes in the wooden material.

If non-professionals will handle your piano relocation, they may not even be aware of these facts and may endanger your piano when placed inside the moving truck. This instrument should be protected using piano moving tools that prevent humidity and exposure to harsh environments. If not, you’ll soon face the problem of a piano that needs tuning or wooden surfaces that need repairs.


After getting familiar with all these possible scenarios, you are left with only two options – whether to hire pros whom you need to pay fees for accurate and safe piano moving or do it all by yourself with the risk of losing and damaging this priceless possession of yours. Make a choice.

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