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Five Items to Leave When You Move Out

When the time comes for you and your family to relocate, there will be a lot of stuff you’re going to bring along to your new place. Of course, there are a lot of items you need to bring with you. You’re going to need your furniture, appliances, important documents, and personal items, among others.

All of these things are vital to your residential living experience and are needed to make your new home as comfortable and convenient at the old one. At the same time, there are some items that you won’t be bringing with you. Due to a lack of space or they have outlived their usefulness, you need to leave these things behind. Here are some of them so you can be aware of what not to bring.


Old Clothes

Once you, or any member of your family, outgrow their respective clothes, you should find ways to dispose them. You should do so because bringing along all of these unused clothes will just eat up space in the moving truck and in your home.

Worse, they can also attract pests that will infest your new home. The wise move here is to donate them to charity. In this way, people who really need clothes will make good use of them. But if your stuff are still too many despite eliminating these clothes, better check these wonderful tips to help you pack like a boss.


Used Paint

Some homes have several cans of paint within their premises. Bringing along these cans will not only take up space, it can also be a health hazard. The fumes exuded by paint can cause certain diseases. Any person not wearing protective gear will inhale these fumes. At the same time, paint is also a combustible material when exposed to fire. If you have some leftover paint, do the right thing and dispose them properly, rather than place your new home in danger.



As great as they are in your old home, these plants will just likely cause trouble in your new place. Plants in pots are really a hassle to transport and there’s a chance they can be damaged. When that happens, the contents of the pot will be all over the moving truck. And these plants are also a home for several insects. Once you move them into your home, they can spread to your detriment.


Heavy Outdoor Decorations

Photo from Lush Home

Yes, you might have custom-painted that mailbox outside of your old residential property, but it’s unnecessary to dig out the foundation and carry it to your new home.

The mailbox and some other landscaping features and decorations that you installed on the ground should be left there when you move out. This is just one example of an outdoor decoration and it’s best if you just sell it or give it to a friend. If you really want one of the these things to be transported to your new home, your better hire the equipped and trained professionals from to handle this gigantic task for you.


Device Manuals and Irrelevant Documents

If you’ve been operating that device for three years now without the use of its manual, what’s the point in bringing them along when you move? The same goes with some piles of irrelevant documents from your previous jobs. Don’t tell us you still keep those college paperworks that date as far back as decades ago! These things are now considered trash and they will just be useless in your new home. Get rid of them properly by placing them in a trash bag and you’re good as done with them.

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