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Five Steps to Take Before Your Next Big Move

How onerous can it be to contemplate a house move? Pack up and load your belongings onto a van, unload the van, and then unpack. That’s it. Sounds way too easy, right? That is the way we all want it to be like, but in reality, it comes out to be a puzzling situation with seemingly unsolvable dilemmas. Lack of proper plan make things even more complicated and consequently, to make costly mistakes down the road. Moving is like an emotional rollercoaster that twists ruthlessly between joy and horror.  Hence to save you from such last-minute hurdle, we’ve broken it down into 5 steps that you need to take before the next big move.

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Downsize and Estimate Your Budget

So, you’ve decided to move? Now it’s time to take the first step that is downsizing. Careful selection of items that are needed will make your move easier. Packing the clothes that are never worn, toys that they’ve outgrown or furniture that is no more in use don’t make any sense. The less there is, the easier it will be to move. Create a checklist of items that need to be moved and estimate your budget.

Purge Your Home of Unwanted Items

Now, as you are done with the checklist, you know what to take along with you. So it’s time to get rid of the unwanted items. You can make your moving budget stronger by selling the things you no longer need online or in a yard sale. The charity also makes a great option to help out the people out there who really need the items that are of no use to you.

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Choose a Reliable Mover

You may decide to rent a U-Haul and bribe friends with pizza to help with the heavy lifting, but it does not guarantee a safe and efficient moving of valuable possessions. So, looking for a reliable home mover make a wise move.

Consider getting quotes from reputable movers and investigate each of the moving company that you have shortlisted to avoid any scam. Now, call for an in-home moving survey and create a crib sheet so that you can compare them all on a level playing field. Go with the one that seems you perfect in every aspect. Setting up an estimate with the company will help to get the ball rolling.


Review Estimate

After the walkthrough, take a while to sit down and review the details. Make sure not to miss anything. Review the consultant’s notes and restate anything that may have been overlooked.


Book Your Move 

You’ve gone through all the steps to accomplish a successful move; now it’s time to book your move. Be confident and ready to embark the new beginning of your life. As you have properly planned everything, you don’t have to deal with any surprises.

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Moving can be a bit easier, just don’t cut corners on that planning phase and follow these 5 essential steps before moving. Lastly, be heedful when choosing a reputable moving company. All the best!

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