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Five Unexpected Moving Disasters That You Can Prevent

Who’s not excited to relocate to your dream house? Everyone surely feels a thrilling sensation with the idea of welcoming a new life in a his or her new home. Even if you are transferring to a smaller condominium unit or you will start your family in the big estate you’ve invested your hard-earned money in, it gives a wonderful feeling to start a new chapter in a different place.

With all the thoughts running in your head as to what you’re going to do when you set foot in your new haven, you might forget the first thing you should prepare for – a home relocation plan. Yes, you sure need a detailed grand plan that will jumpstart your new life amazingly.

Unplanned Road Conditions

This seems to be a problem not only when you move, but even in your daily outdoor activity, be it professional or purely for leisure. Some would say Singapore has relatively wonderful traffic situations on a daily basis, but that’s no excuse not to have  a meticulous travel plan for your relocation.

Check for Traffic Updates

Take advantage of the internet. With a simple peek at, you can already get an update of the roadworks currently undertaken on the day of your move. These on-going road projects will cost you a lot of time and money especially if you hired hourly-paid moving workers.

Check the Weather

Do you imagine the hassle of loading and unloading your belongings to a moving truck on an extremely rainy day? Not the best first scene for a wonderful beginning, right? Just think of the damage it can bring to your items. Instead of randomly picking a day to move, better check the weather forecast days ahead.


Getting the Wrong Company

This is a real potential disaster, so you better do your homework. Research for the reputation of the moving company you will choose and how much they charge. You surely would not want to go over the budget for your relocation. A reliable moving business invests on quality heavy-duty moving equipment to take care of your belongings. They hire experienced moving pros who know every detail of the job, from packing your belongings securely up to unloading your items to a new location.

Hiring cheap and reliable movers services in Singapore is more than half the battle won.


Unexpected Sickness

This is one of the most forgotten issues on a relocation day that can really mess up all your preparations. Mind you, no matter how well you packed days and weeks prior to moving, the exact day you will relocate will determine whether you will be able to bring with you all the necessities and important things or not. Yes, you can rely on skilled home movers, but without your supervision, they can only do so much in terms of making sure you got all you need. When you are down with flu, you can’t expect yourself to manage anything. So the key is not to exhaust your mind and body too much on the preparation stage. Check these tips to have a stress-free preparation days ahead. This way, you can save your very best self for the execution day.


Furniture Won’t Fit

You’ll be surprised to know that this is one of the leading problems that relocating families and individuals always overlook. So simple as it may sound, please do yourself a favor, and make sure you measure the door and all entrances to your new home before actually relocating. If your home movers can do this for you, the better. They may even have suggestions on how to go about this difficult problem.


Bringing all the Pests

If you know that there was pest infestation in your previous home, make sure that you won’t have them in your new property this time. As much as possible, sanitize all the items you are planning to bring. Wash the garments and fabrics. Check your cabinets and shelves thoroughly. Seal your belongings for the transportation to make sure they won’t get infested inside the truck. There might be some left on the vehicle of the moving business you hired. If possible, leave some of your belongings for an hour or a little more outside under the sun before you settle them in to your new residence. Your new life deserves a pest-free sanctuary.

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