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Most Frequently Damaged Items During The Move

There is no doubt that a successful relocation takes a lot of efforts. Although, you hope for the best, still there come some unexpected situations and issues in the moving process. The primary concern is that all of your valuable belongings should reach your new location without any wear and tear. It is not surprising that no matter how cautious you are, you may find few items damaged.

Whether you are moving on your own or with the help of movers, any inconvenience may occur. But, the vital thing that comes into play is movers have years of experience in moving task. They know well how to pack the stuff properly with the best quality packing material and how to keep your stuff intact throughout the move.

Here is a list of items, which typically gets damaged during transit.


It is indeed delicate and usually tops the list of broken items. These highly fragile items need extra care while moving as they easily get damaged when not handled properly. If you want your favorite glassware pieces to survive your relocation, then they should be properly packed. What you can do is to give each of the items much layering as well as padding and pack them separately from the rest of other things. It will ensure your items reach your destination safely.

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No doubt, artworks are unique and expensive. Statues, framed canvas and other masterpieces of art are prone to damage. It is a very challenging task to move them. The foremost thing is handle them with alertness and precision. You can hire top movers in Singapore as they will carry these items with utmost care.

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Electronic equipments

A computer system, washing machine, TV, etc. can also be easily damaged during the move. Well, you might have their original packing boxes. It will be great if you put these items in their original boxes. But if you do not have them then finding similar box will be good. Do not forget to remove as well as gather the cords of each device. Also, add padding to eliminate any movement.

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It is bulky and no doubt, oddly shaped. Desks, beds, sofas, wardrobes are extremely heavy. The first thing you should do is to dismantle your furniture and then carefully wrap them with furniture blankets. Well, you can consider hiring the professional movers to pack and tape and, maneuver them down the stairs and over the balconies.

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Other things such as sports equipment, pots, plants, photo frames, mirrors, plates, bottle collection, and lampshades are other fragile things that must be handled properly. You can even consider selling some of your fragile stuff before you move and it will undoubtedly be a wise choice.

Now you know which of your precious belongings are most likely to get damaged. So, it is better to pack them correctly to avoid any damage. Once you have wrapped your stuff, make sure you let your movers know which of the boxes contains breakable items. If you have trouble in packing, then you can contact professional movers to make this entire process of moving a hassle-free task.

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