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Moving Home Soon? Read on these tips to keep it stress-free

If you have ever experienced a house move, you would second the fact that it is one of the most stressful and challenging events one can experience, physically as well as emotionally.

A survey conducted by E. ON, the energy company based in Germany, found that two third of the people put house moving process on top of their stress list. The study also found out that this event triggers more anxiety as well as relationship breakdowns than divorce or staring a first job.

Why is Home Moving stressful?

Nicky Lisbetter, the CEO of the Anxiety UK, a charity organization for anxiety-stricken people, says that moving house is a transition in one’s life. It is about the unfamiliarity and change, and for a lot of people, this causes anxiety and stress. As per human psychology, most of the people like routine, familiarity and order. Moving house means none of those since you are in the new area, have to know new people, colleagues, neighborhood, schools for your kids, professional services such as GP or dentist etc.

The good news is that experts have suggested a lot of smart ways and tips to keep the moving house process not just quick but also stress-free.

  1. Managing Work & Children

Dr. Sandi Mann, a senior psychology professor, University of Central Lancashire, states that it is important to have as much time as possible to address the move.  You should clear your hectic schedule around the time of the move and get someone to take care of your children so that you don’t spread yourself too thin.

Preparation also helps making house moving stress-free. If you are able to do thing before, for instance, switching broadband to new home, registering with a new Physician in that area, registering for new school for your children, deciding what furniture and other stuff would be placed in what room etc., this would help to make the actual day seem less overwhelming and feel more controlled.

Keep focusing on the positives and embracing the change rather than thinking of difficulty of moving.

  1. Taking an intermittent break

Though a lot of things are in hand to do, having occasional breaks helps. During this stressful time, look after yourself and get enough rest and food. Your occasional breaks don’t require much time and may include going for a short walk, watching a movie in the cinema, meeting up your friend in the café nearby, doing physical or simple breathing exercises etc. House moving process is hectic enough and requires to keep your body and mind fresh.


  1. Splitting the tasks

Now we have moved more into the process. Create a home move checklist, which serves as the master list to consult. Your checklist should include all the tasks and actions you need to carry out before, during and after the home relocation.

If there have some big tasks that need third person’s help or efforts such as taking the heavy furniture upstairs, checking and updating electric and plumbing work, putting stuff in the basement etc., you can allocate different days for each of these tasks. Doing one big task at a time helps reducing your stress. If you are unable to take time off your work, schedule your weekends for the same.

Prioritize the tasks so that you don’t skip the important ones while doing less important activities.

For smaller tasks like sorting out old things and cloths, packing and unpacking stuff, dusting and cleaning the new home etc., you may also involve your children. Doing so, they can be made feel interested and happy about house moving.

  1. Consulting a Pro

If you still feel anxious, and things seem difficult to control due to time and cost constraints, consulting and hiring a specialized and reliable movers company in Singapore, can take over the process and help you finish it up successfully.





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