The Essential Packing Guide for Book Lovers |

The Essential Packing Guide for Book Lovers

Books are such an integral part of a person’s life. From the moment someone starts school, up until their years as a senior citizen, books will always play a very important role. This is true, especially for people who love to collect a lot of books. These people thrive in searching for hidden gems in bookstores to keep as part of their collection.

When the time comes to relocate to a new place, moving these books is no easy task. If you fail to prepare for this ordeal, you can damage one or several of your beloved books. If you don’t want that to happen, you can follow these simple packing tips for booklovers.


Sort your book collection

If you have been collecting books for a long time, you might have amassed a great number of these objects. At the same time, there are going to be several books that you no longer need or want. When this happens, the best thing you can do is sell them right away. In doing so, you are freeing up more space when you move your book collection and make a small profit as well. Plus, you can also go for the option of donating your unwanted books to a person you know or to a charity event to help someone else get addicted to reading.


Organize them into their respective categories

Once you have optimized your books into a lean and mean collection, you can now start organizing them. You have the absolute freedom to organize them in any way you want. The most obvious is to group them together according to their categories. In this way, you will have an easier time packing and labeling your book collection into their respective boxes when the moving day arrives.


Obtain the proper packing materials for your books

Speaking of the moving day, you need to be prepared when it does come by. That’s why you need to allot a considerable amount of time getting the packing materials you need for your book collection. These items include a multitude or large cardboard boxes, packing tape, packing paper, lots of old newspaper, and a permanent marker pen. Furthermore, you can also place small packs of silica gel into each box to provide moisture for your books.


Prepare your book collection for packing

As soon as you have obtained the necessary materials, you can now start packing your books. Start by wiping every trace of dust from them. To do this feat, you can get a piece of cloth with a minimal amount of dampness possible. Wipe your books clean so dust, dirt, and other harmful elements won’t attract the presence of pests when you move them.


Pack them properly

After cleaning your books, you can start placing them inside their respective boxes. Do remember to keep your books’ spine down when you insert them into the boxes to preserve their quality. Place a couple of crumpled newspapers so your books won’t move around when they are being transported.

Finally, label them properly so you can unpack and organize them well when you arrive at your new home. If you have any trouble when it comes to the packing and transportation of your books, don’t worry because there are a lot of qualified home and office movers Singapore to help you out. These professional movers SG are experienced in packing and moving a huge amount of books with no trouble at all.

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