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The Topmost Home Moving Challenges & Ways to tackle them

No matter how much you plan for your home moving, experiences show that at least few challenges are always going to be faced at the end. Shifting to a new place is both exciting and probably the biggest development in one’s life, but the feeling of anxiety and separation that it brings, can also not be avoided. Though with a number of home movers, home shifting is easier now; however, the entire process is physically and emotionally taxing to everyone.

So, what are the topmost home moving challenges that are to be faced anyway?


Challenges from Human Perspective


  1. Loss of existing neighbors and friends

I think the most difficult challenges are those related to our lives and relationships. House shifting is one of the events where emotions get reveled automatically. The major challenge is to handle the loss of known people and friends to whom we are attached. It becomes more difficult if you have kids in the family since for them, home moving means loss of their school teachers and friends. A study by Dr. Shigehiro Oishi, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia,  published in Huffington Post, reveals that on average, introvert kids are more vulnerable to negative impacts of home moving. Therefore, they must be handled in a special way.

Ways to Tackle

  • Try to make yourself and your kids mentally prepared about home moving by talking about it on occasional basis.
  • Make yourself and kids see the positives or better elements of the new place.
  • Start winding up the things at least a month earlier.


  1. Adjusting to a new place

Being humans, most of us don’t like changes. It is indeed challenging to cope with changes but these are the part of life, especially in case of home moving. Leaving behind an old routine and location and getting familiar to the new one, is surely a difficult thing for any family to do.

Ways to Tackle

  • Try to enjoy this change by looking the positive aspects. Most of the times, families shift to new places in view of better career opportunities, lifestyle and landscapes. Make this the strongest point for you and your family.
  • Start interacting with new neighbors and people on occasional basis before making a home shift. It also helps to know the best dining places, service providers like school, hospitals, dentist, fitness centers and recreational spots around town. This way, you can prevent yourself from a sudden change.


Challenges from Process Perspective


  1. Packing & Moving Problems

Homeowners tend to buy new furniture or replace existing one, in accordance to the new house. While shopping, they usually look for appearance and suitability of furniture. However, this new furniture often becomes a headache at the time of packing and moving, especially if you have not yet sold the old furniture or extra stuff. Though home movers help your shifting, yet more stuff means more space and probably more vehicles, and eventually, the higher moving cost.

Ways to Tackle

  • Sell out all old or undesired stuff before buying new furniture
  • It’s a good idea to take new furniture directly to the new house as soon as you buy it.


  1. Unpacking Problems

Coping with your packing and moving problems, doesn’t end the process. The next challenge lies in unpacking the packed stuff. Each and every carton box is to be unpacked. Though carton movers in Singapore help in this tedious task, yet they may damage the fragile things like furniture show pieces, glass top or crockery, since they don’t know what’s is each carton.

Ways to Tackle

  • Label each carton with the material it contains.
  • Use protective layers inside the cartons carrying fragile items.
  • Instruct the home movers to handle these cartons with care.

Home movers in Singapore can help a great deal tackling your home moving challenges. EHmover Singapore brings great services for households, making the home moving process easier, timely and hassle free, with excellent customer service.



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