Tips to Facilitate Packing via Carton Boxes |

Tips to Facilitate Packing via Carton Boxes

Moving, either home or office, means your belongings and valuables are going to be at multiple places at a time, including old place, new place and various vehicles. In addition, since many people may involve in the process, for instance, your hired pro movers team, office volunteers or neighborhood friends, it also becomes important to make sure that your stuff is secure and in the safe hands. If you are about to have a move soon, you would surely want having your valuables coming out of the carton boxes in an as-it-is form.

One of the stress-free moving tips is to pay attention to your packing methods and carefully handle your carton boxes containing your valuables and fragile items. Read on below to know the factors pertaining to safe handling and use of carton boxes during a move.

The RIGHT SIZED Carton Boxes Make Packing Stress-free & Ensure Safety

It is important that you choose the right sized carton boxes for each of your specific items to be packed. This way you can make sure that the boxes are strong and safe enough for your valuables.  Put heavy items like books in small carton boxes and lighter stuff like pillows and linens in bigger ones. Putting heavy items in big carton boxes not only makes the task more difficult but also leads to higher chances of breakage. In addition, place heavier items on bottoms of your boxes and lighter items on top. Similarly, during loading boxes on a vehicle, put heavier carton boxes first at the vehicle’s front to ensure a balance.

The Empty Spaces Often Result in Damages

You must not leave any empty space in the carton boxes, since it increases chances of items collapsing and their breakage. You may fill the gaps with towels, packing paper or clothing. Unbalanced or loosely packed carton boxes are often declined to be moved by the pro movers due to safety concerns.


Many times, movers often pack similar items of different rooms all together. And this really creates a mess afterwards. Since you have already decided what room to contain what items, it is wiser to pack items of each room in a separate box. It helps making both packing and unpacking much easier.

Give Carton Boxes an IDENTITY

It is needless to mention that each of your boxes should be labelled with what they contain or what they are destined for. It also helps your pro movers to determine where to keep boxes in the new place. Numbering all the boxes and maintaining a list in your notebook also helps you track what you have packed and what is remaining to be packed.

TAPE your Boxes Well

Use strong tape to close the top and bottom of your boxes. One of the movers’ techniques to ensure safety is to apply a couple of tape wraps around the boxes’ top and their bottom edges as these points usually bear the maximum stress.

Moving Expensive Art paintings?

Never use regular paper to wrap your oil paintings as it would stick. For pictures that are framed behind the glass, write an X with masking tape across a glass for strengthening it and holding it together in case of shattering. Then wrap your pictures in a bubble wrap and place in a frame box. Insert a cardboard piece in between all the frames for an added protection.

Though packing seems a drenching task yet the simplest means to do it peacefully lies in using quality carton boxes and packing supplies that EHMovers can provide. High-quality carton boxes packed carefully, labelled and wrapped with a sturdy tape make sure that your valuables and belongings remain safe all through the moving process.



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